Inspirational Speaker

A journey with Marny Cringle will take you from “life support” in an intensive care unit to simply “living life”. Marny’s story is one of determination and courage. When doctors, nurses and medical specialists were telling Marny “it can’t be done”, Marny was “making it happen”.

If you need a reality check, if you want to rethink life, if you want some inspiration, you might just find it in Marny’s story. In fact, a little time with Marny can, at the very most, change your life and, at the very least, change your frame of reference. 

Marny will:
challenge you to believe in yourself
help you to rethink what sometimes seem like insurmountable obstacles (professional and personal)
understand how setting a lot of small goals can be as important as one or two big goals
be more realistic about the time it takes to achieve your goals
be aware that not achieving something the first or second time is not the same as failing at something.