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Everyone wants to get more out of life. Many of us want to do something extraordinary while some of us just want to survive the ordinary. Regardless of our aspirations, we can all “move up a gear”. Whether it’s in our work, our personal life, whether it is in our pursuit of physical, emotional, spiritual or financial betterment, there is – and can be – more.

In fact we can all move up a gear, one gear at a time until we reach our goals. This is true in every facet of life and the lessons in Marny’s journey are the same lessons that we can all put to use in our day to day lives.

Whatever your event – whether it is a staff planning session, a community group or a social event – Marny will impart ways in which people can focus on the solutions to problems and the strategies needed to achieve your goals rather than defining problems and ‘apparent’ limitations.

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