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Marny's story

We are all on a razor's edge

Independence. Walking on two legs. Working as a registered nurse.

These all sound like very basic and quite simple goals, but when you’ve been hit by a train nothing is ever simple. That’s not a metaphorical train we’re talking about. It’s a real train in the London underground.

“My story is about an event that could have happened to anyone. I was an Australian working and living in London. One Sunday night I was on the underground platform waiting for a train – just like thousands of people do every day in London. On that night I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I was hit by a train and suffered multiple traumatic injuries. Now it would be easy to think that this was a rare event but to be hit by a train in the London underground is actually more common than most people realise. What is rare (extremely rare) is when someone survives it.”

Marny will take you from “life support” to “living life”. You’ll understand the power of goal setting, attitude, persistence, gratitude (for things big and small), visualisation, and patience (with yourself and those around you).”

Marny will challenge you to believe in yourself, rethink obstacles in your life (professional and personal), set goals more realistically and, above all else, if you really, really want something, don’t give up!